Bomber's Moon by Alex Beecroft - My Thoughts

Bomber's Moon - Alex Beecroft

I have come to really enjoy Alex Beecroft's work.  She gives great plot, terrific characters, a love story that takes its time to grow and some super dialogue.  And I'm very enamoured of the historical settings that she uses as well.  


This time around, we're thrown into the action rather quickly.  We meet Flynn who is in Fairyland with the mythological creatures, and then Ben and Chris and other modern day group in what feels to me like small town England.  And it seems that while this is modern day, Chris is actually a bomber pilot from WW2.  These days, he's a Fairybuster (as opposed to a Ghostbuster.) or maybe a more inclusive term would be Mythologicalcreaturebuster.  *LOL*  He and his small group of co-workers are ready to help out with all your paranormal needs.  I know that sounds flip and it's treated with far more seriousness in the book.  And it makes sense, it fits in this slightly skewed view of our world and its history.  


In the fairy realm, there seems to be some crossover with parts of what I assume to be Indian mythology.  I don't know a helluva lot about those cultural myths and I admit to just making assumptions based on how the story is going. 


From what I gather, Chris and his WW2 bomber crew were attacked by something from the fairy realm and all were killed except for Chris who woke up something like... 30 years later in a field with his plane wreckage.  And somehow, Flynn is connected to Chris and wears the face of Chris' lover, Geoff Braxtasomethingorother...  I haven't figured that out yet.  And something bad is going down in Fairyland - there's some kind of war?  It's complicated.  


The upshot is, we're left with a HUGE cliffhanger and a ton of unanswered questions.  it makes me think that this book and its sequel Dogfighters would have been better served as one large volume.  But you know... we don't do things that way in an M/M world.  It seems that most M/M readers can't read past 250 - 300 pages max.  And even then, it's asking a lot. But I have the second of the two Under the Hill books in my TBR pile so whenever I'm ready I can jump right in to it.  (I have a book coming next week - Monday? - that I MUST read right away and then it will be holiday reading.)


I quite totally enjoyed this though and I have been charmed by both Ben and Chris, so the sequel won't languish in the TBR pile for very long.  :)