Three the Hard Way by Sydney Croft - My Thoughts

Three the Hard Way - Sydney Croft

Okay, it barely makes it as a Christmas story.  This novella is set at Christmastime and it refers back to a major backstory plot point that takes place on Christmas, but other than that, it's not really a holiday type read.  *LOL*  And that's okay!


The story makes up a small part of the Acro World, adventure/thriller romances and what we have here is an adventure/thriller peopled by gorgeous men who have all kinds of super type powers.  :)   There are a pair of opposing organisations (ACRO and ITOR) that make use of people like these guys.  And there's lots of gunfire and lots of sexytimes.  :)  And it was FUN!


As this is a novella that focusses on three main characters, there's not a lot of room for character depth and growth, but that's not a problem in my eyes.  I like to look at it as watching a James Bond movieor an X-Men or Avengers movie.  


This is the first thing I've read by Sydney Croft (Stephanie Tyler and Larissa Ione) and as I understand it, the rest of the novels and stories in this universe are m/f.  I feel fully confident in saying that if you enjoy some paranormal adventure with plenty of steamy sex and hot romance, Sydney Croft is certainly worth your time.  :)