A Dangerous Thing by Josh Lanyon - My Thoughts

A Dangerous Thing - Josh Lanyon

This is the second of the Adrien English mysteries and was just as enjoyable as the first.  


I really like the character of Adrien, I like his voice, his inner musings, his sense of humour and his intelligence.  I like that he has flaws and acknowledges them.  I like that he's not perfect.  


As for his erstwhile paramour, Jake... well... I disliked him a lot in this book.  I hated the way he treated Adrien for the most part and I hated his snarky attitude.  I had a very hard time seeing what Adrien sees in him aside from the outer package.  I wanted to smack him all through the book.  


The mystery was good.  Interesting and kept me guessing all the way through.  I do like the way little bits get solved and new questions get raised and for the most part, the whole thing hung together rather well.  At least I didn't know the guilty party before the end of chapter three!  *LOL*


So yep, a good mystery read!