King of Thorns by Mark Lawrence - My Thoughts

King of Thorns  - Mark  Lawrence

This is Book 2 of The Broken Empire and sadly, it didn't hold me as enthralled as the first book.  I couldn't put the first one down and kept putting things aside to continue reading, but reading King of Thorns had none of that urgency.  I kept muttering to myself, "And the point of all this is...?"


Part of what disturbed me was that I never knew when I was.  Yes, when.  We had what I think was current time in chapters called "Wedding Day" and then the "Four Years Earlier" as well as journal entries by the Lady Katherine that sort of filled in the time between the two, I guess.  And really, did all this have TIME to happen on the "Wedding Day"?  It bugged me and left me questioning all the way through the book.


Now, that being said, there was still enjoyment to be had.  I do like the way the author turns a phrase.  And the way he drops little gems in like this one:  "When a game cannot be won, change the game.  I read that in the book of Kirk."   Are we to equate the dark Prince Jorg with the rebellious and heroic Captain Kirk from Star Trek?  I hope not, because he doesn't.  Except for the pride.  Prince Jorg has pride to spare and then some!


Again, some of the secondary/supporting characters are exceptional.  Sir Malkin, Gog, Uncle Robert, Miana, the Brothers that are left and even Katherine has redeeming features.  The Arrow brothers - that was a very interesting conclusion to that story arc.  Caught me totally by surprise.


OH, and If you're keeping track, I've still not forgiven the author for what he did 2/3rds of the way through the first book.  


One of the fascinating things about these books, is trying to figure out the post-apocalyptic places and items and things.  Some very interesting and in-depth world-building has gone on here and I appreciate it.  If only the map in the front of the book was bigger for my old eyes!  *LOL*  And I do love the way Lawrence brings all the different threads of the plot together at the end (actually he does this throughout the book saving the HUGE ones until the end) and doesn't leave us with an obvious, throw the book across the room, cliff-hanger. (Although... Coddin... )


So all in all, it was a decent read and I will read the concluding volume in the trilogy, but not right away.  I can't take much more of the dark!  *LOL*