Curious by R.G. Alexander - My Thoughts

Curious  - R.G. Alexander

I picked this up because Heidi Cullinan went ballistic for it all over Twitter.  The clinching tweet for me was the one that basically said that one of the MCs could be her own Mitch Tedsoe in another book reality.  I.  Love. Mitch.  So... it clinched it for me.  :)


What a terrific, hot, romantic, steamy book!  Yes, it's out for you and there are people that don't enjoy that, but I have no problem with it if it's done well, and this is done well.  It's more of a 'you love who you love' thing, which is my mantra, so I'm all for it.  :)


The kink is hot and well done, although I would have liked a smidge more of an expansion on the BDSM themes.  Maybe a bit more of an insight into the exchange of power - yes, that's one of my hot buttons.  *g*  Especially after the one scene where Owen "catches" for Jeremy the first time.  But these are just quibbles really, having to do with my own personal likes and dislikes.  


The characters - main and secondary - are lovely characters and I really wished to know more of them.  Maybe a little more character stuff in with all the sexytimes stuff?  Because make no doubt about it, this book is about the hot, steamy sex and the connection between the two MCs, Jeremy and Owen.  


One of the few things that bugged me - and yes there were one or two - was the constant use of baby, baby, baby in the thoughts of Jeremy whenever he's in the midst of sex.  Seriously... do men baby like that all the time?   It sounds dumb.  I have a problem with what I term the porn dialogue, the "Oh baby, ram your big dick up my tight ass." type of stuff.  Over and over again.  Big turn off for me.  It sounds totally fake to my ears.  


And again, we have MCs who are both over 6 feet tall - one is 6' 4" and the other 6'1" I think?  


All in all, this was a really good read with all the kink aspects treated openly, postively and shown in a way so that we can see WHY this lifestyle is appealing and okay and to be enjoyed if that's your thing.  This is the first of a series and I think it's safe to say that I will check out the next book, Scandalous,  when it comes out "soon".   (I assume we're going to go through the other 2 Finn brothers and the Finn sister - Little Finn.)