Dragon's Eye by James A. Hetley - My Thoughts

Dragon's Eye - James A. Hetley

What a pleasant surprise!  A good friend of mine, with whom I don't share many reading preferences, mentioned that this author was one of her favourite fantasy authors.  Now, as far as I know, fantasy isn't her usual thing, so curious me, I took a look at the link.  I liked the sound of it and asked her if this was a good place to start with this author and she said yes and admitted that he was a friend of hers.  So, all that being said, I cracked open the book - virtually, on my new Kobo H2O.  *LOL*


Hetley has a definite authorial voice.  It took me a few chapters to get used to his way of writing.  It's by no means bad, or off-putting, or anything negative, it's just different.  If I had to describe it, he sounds very Canadian.  *LOL*  Even though he's not.  He comes from Maine apparently, where the book is set.  Maybe that's close enough.  :)


So we're not talking fantasy made up of elves and dwarves and wizards and mystical realms here.  This is modern fantasy with nature witches, Native American traditions and mythologies, a little Welsh water magic thrown in along with a dash of dragon and some ... South American magic?  It all works.  :)


And the characters!  OMG, I really came to love them.  They're so far from perfect that at times I really disliked each and every one of them but that just made them all the more real.  I quite enjoyed the emphasis on the women's perspective.  It came across as very real, very sensible and not ... how can I say it... not Mary Sue-ish perfect?  


If you're looking for a new contemporary fantasy author to try, I would easily recommend James Hetley.  I don't know how well he's known, all I know is that I'd never heard of him before my buddy mentioned him.  And you know what? I could see this being made into a TV series along the lines of True Blood or Charmed or The Witches of East End.  


And yes, while this is the first book in a series, it definitely does stand alone, no cliffhangers here.  The only reason you'll need to get the next book is because you want to read it!