Gasp! by ZA Maxfield - My Thoughts

Gasp! - Z.A. Maxfield

I always finish a book by ZAM with a smile and Gasp! was no exception.  It's the story of Jeff, home from 3 tours of duty in Afghanistan and Nigel the rockstar and their journey to find love and find out what family really is.  


I can't say that there's anything ground-breaking or earth-shatteringly stand-outish about this book, but it was a damned fine read.  I can't say I fell in love with the main characters but I was supremely interested to see how they worked things out.  And as seems to be getting more and more rare, they were mature men, not fresh-faced boys just out of college or even just IN college.  


ZAM writes great dialogue.  It runs the gamut from heart-breaking to laughter-inducing.  And Nigel Gasp has a rapier-sharp wit that could only really belong to a British rockstar.  The back and forth between Nigel and Jeff was very real and each had a totally distinct voice.  


The story maybe meandered a bit, the plot was no more distinct than two men meet, gradually develop feelings for each other and grow as people in the process, but that is quite alright.  It's truly the tale of the romance of Nigel and Jeff and all the more real for its - at times - seemingly wandering paths.  


Nigel brought me near to tears a couple of times, but when he stays in the hospital near the end, the tears overflowed and I was actively crying.  *LOL*  And that's okay too.  


Another winner from ZAM!