Dirty Secret by Rhys Ford - My Thoughts

Dirty Secret - Rhys Ford

I love Cole McGinnis and I love Kim Jae-Min and I really wanted to give this book 4 stars but I couldn't for 2 reasons.  


The first reason I'm almost ashamed to admit given the climate of PC-ness around the internet these days.  It was the names... dear God, the Korean names.  I actually enjoy all that I'm learning about the Korean culture through these books, some of it is downright fascinating - like the naming conventions.  But they all 'read' the same to my brain, I think simply because I'm not used to them.  I still am not sure exactly who the bad guy was in this book and how he was related to the rest of the cast.  And I still don't get how Cole figured out what he figured out at the end - possibly a little refresher course of that certain scene much earlier in the book would have helped with that.  


The other problem I had was the quick wrapping up of the story.  it was almost as if max words had been reached and therefore here's the end.  There were details that I didn't get closure with... what happened with certain secondary characters, for instance.  It was like they just ... stopped... being.  I also could have done without that final cliffhanger which to my mind only says.. come one you MUST buy the next book.  Rhys' books are quite honestly more than good enough to buy the next one without that bit of manipulation.  


All that being said... I love the main characters.  I love that Rhys is taking her time creating their relationship and while it may be a bit of insta-lust, it's not insta-love.  :)  Cole and Jae are steamy together, no matter what they're doing.  Having some of the best sex ever or just sitting cuddling together and talking or even making supper.  It's all good.  They're all good together.  And the main secondary characters, especially Mike, Claudia and Bobby are terrific.  


And the plotting for the mystery is good, (It so often is not in these romance-heavy books) despite my big problem with the names (see above).  I honestly can see these books being made into a TV series.   


To sum up, there was some head-scratching while reading but nothing that will stop me from continuing on with the next in the series.  :)   Or reading more Rhys Ford.