Craving Flight by Tamsen Parker - My Thoughts

Craving Flight - Tamsen Parker

A terrific off the beaten path novella that was recced last weekend by Bree of Kit Rocha fame.  This was a freebie on both Kobo and Amazon, so I urge you, if you like BDSM erotica, go and download it!


Our heroine is a Jewish University professor who has decided to embrace the more Orthodox lifestyle of her religion.  The hero is a kosher butcher in the Orthodox community from a very orthodox family.  Both have been previously married, he's a widower and she's divorced.  I liked both of them and totally believed their love story.  And the D/s elements were very well done.  I think the story could have been expanded and the developing relationships explored a little more, but all in all, it was a really enjoyable and interesting read.  I learned stuff about the Orthodox Jewish community too.  :)