Stranded by HelenKay Dimon - My Thoughts

Stranded - HelenKay Dimon

So, I had just finished a terrific swashbuckling fantasy novel and was suffering from a bit of book hangover and I find that in that situation, the best thing I can do for my reading self is to completely switch genres - one of the reasons I read many genres.  So I went for a sexy m/m romance starring a couple of hot tough guys.  


It worked!


One thing that did sort of annoy me was the author's constant use of the word 'guy' in the narrative for first half of the book.  That might just be me though, feeling that it's more of a slang word and should not be interchangeable with the word 'man'.  Sometimes I'm old.  *LOL*


But at any rate... 


Stranded is a very enjoyable, hot and sexy m/m romance novella.