Radio Silence by Alyssa Cole - My Thoughts

Radio Silence - Alyssa B. Cole

Do you enjoy post-apocalyptic romances with a goodly amount of steamy chemistry between the main characters?  I do and if you feel the same, then Radio Silence is for you.   


The plot is simple.  Something has happened and the power has gone out.  Set in northern New York state, our heroine, Arden and her best friend/roommate John, set out from Rochester to further upstate and John's family's home, in a somewhat remote area near the Canadian border.  There we meet John's brother, Gabriel and sister, Maggie.  Sparks smolder and fly between Arden and Gabriel as the four try to come to terms with their new reality.  


The plot is fast-paced and the dialogue is quick and bantery, both which kept me turning the pages (so to speak - I was reading on the Kobo) to see what was going to happen next.  


Oh, BTW, if you`re into this whole MUST READ DIVERSE BOOKS AT ALL COSTS!  This will easily fill that need.  I had no idea when I started the book which probably allowed me to enjoy it as much as I did because I didn't feel browbeaten into being a good person by reading it.  


It was a really good and enjoyable and I totally recommend it!  I'll be hunting down book 2 very soon.  :)