Dirty Heart by Rhys Ford - My Thoughts

Dirty Heart - Rhys Ford

#6 in the Cole McGinnis mysteries, Dirty Heart was a great way to finish off the series.  And yes, I finished it in a day.  Couldn't put it down.  Rhys' books are so easy to read, I just sort of bask in the storytelling and characters.  


The tale of why Cole's loved ones keep getting shot by people from his past is finally solved and quite a satisfactory fashion.  I was good with it and never really got a hint of it all through the 6 books and yet, in the end, it made a lot of sense.


I had the same problem in this book with the names of the Korean characters, but that's a fault of mine.  I can't keep Jae's aunt, uncle, half-brother, cousin... can't keep them straight - but it was nice to see that there were some characters in the book who felt the same way!  :)


I had been hoping to get time with Jae's sister, one of the secondary characters that I really loved when we met her in Book #3, but aside from a mention early on, that was about it.  :/  


I know Dirty Heart is supposed to be the finale of the series, but I honestly didn't feel like it was the end.  There was a lack of total finality about it.  Oh, don't get me wrong, the ending is pretty much perfect and I'm satisfied with it - but I do feel that the world of Cole and Jae could be revisited at some point.