Timeless by Gail Carriger - My Thoughts

Timeless  - Gail Carriger

It's over???  The series is over?!?  *weeps*  


But oh, it went out with a huge bang!  The Parasol Protectorate series just kept getting better and better with each book and in this final installment, everyone was back, which made me so happy.  :)


Alexia and Conall are delightful, whether they are arguing or loving or parenting or just doing whatever they're doing.  I will admit, this book, they actually made me tear up a time or two.  How they deal with their little daughter is so much fun.  The scene near the beginning of the book where Prudence 'escapes' the house, her father in pursuit was absolutely perfect in my opinion.  The word delightful comes to mind once again.  :)  


The main secondary characters (if that makes some kind of sense) of Lyall, Biffy, Lord Akeldama, Genevieve, the Tunstalls and Foote have all returned, doing what they do best and I'll tell you, without giving anything away, the way their stories played out worked A-OK as far as I'm concerned.  Especially my two faves, Lyall and Biffy.  I suspected some of what was to happen after the previous book, but still, there were a couple of surprises to be had.  


We moved out of London and its environs for much of the book, the main part of the action taking place in Egypt, and I kind of missed that, but only because I'd come to be so comfortable in that location, I think.  It was by no means a drawback, and in fact, many might find it a plus.  :)   


The 'mystery' of Alexia's father is wrapped up... I think.  *LOL*  One can never be sure, you know.  


I have really enjoyed this series.  I'm glad the adventures will continue with Alexia and Conall's... and Akeldama's daughter, Prudence because I'm not quite ready to let them all go.  :)