Saint's Blood by Sebastien de Castell - My Thoughts

Saint's Blood - Sebastien de Castell

It felt like I waited forever for this third book about my wonderful Greatcoats!  Okay, they're not mine, but they're still wonderful and I love them, so...  :)


This third book in the Greatcoats series is not really as much of a romp as the previous two and I think that's because we are reading about Big Events - Really Big Events - concerning Saints and Gods and Thrones and the 'terribleness' of them all.  


Once again, Falcio seems to be tilting at windmills, never quite sure why he's doing what he's doing and why he's leading his friends and loved ones into all these dangers, he just knows he must.  He has a new horse, bless him, a horse he's named Arsehole.  Of course it is.  *LOL*   And poor Falcio, he's destined for even more tragedy and heartbreak and wounding and loss.  Was there ever a more tragic figure yet one who can make me laugh out loud at his wry outlook on just about everything?  Sometimes I just want to shake him until his teeth rattle and I am by far not the only one.  


Kest and Brasti are back too.  I love them.  Both of them.  There is a part in the book where Kest talks to Falcio about when they were boys and I  was in tears!  And Brasti, bless his humongous ego, he always seems to know when that ego is most needed.  :)  Brasti Goodbow, another archer I have fallen in love with.  


And the ladies are all there.  Aline, Ethalia, Valiana.  All of them proving to the men who would protect them from all that is evil that they are more than able to do that protecting themselves.  I mean, there is no one more heroic that Valiana in my opinion!  


And I have a new fave.  Quentis.  Thank you, Sebastien, for not doing the predictable with him.  


I mentioned that there was a lot about Gods in this book.  I am not really fond of the stories where Gods walk the Earth and I wasn't really fond of the trope in my Greatcoats book.  But that being said, there was a lot of interesting discussion, both internal and external about the nature of Gods, religion, faith and the like - but while quite fascinating at times, it took away from the swashbuckling of the book.  So I had to take off a half a star.  


And just like the Marvel movies that we so love, if you make it through the credits, you get a little bit extra - in this case ... well, I'll leave that surprise to you.  :)


And joy of joys!  There will be a Greatcoats 4!!  Tyrant's Throne.  I can't wait!!