Prudence by Gail Carriger - My Thoughts

Prudence  - Gail Carriger

Another rollicking romp though an alternate Victorian world full of fun and adventure and wonderfully clever banter.  :)


In this book, the first volume of The Custard Protocol, we meet Prudence, the all-grown-up daughter of Alexia and Lord Maccon and the other grown-up little ones from the Parasol Protectorate series.  We have the twins, Primrose and Percy as well as the cocky Quesnel.  Off they go adventuring in Rue's airship, the Spotted Custard, headed towards India in search of tea.  


There is the beginnings of romance, some rambunctious adventures concerning shape-shifters of a different sort, meetings with old friends (that are never long enough - Lyall is still my fave of fave characters, but I have to admit, young Spoo has quite endeared herself to me already), and of course manners and etiquette all over the place. 


My only problem was that I kept getting muddled up between Rue and Prim!  *LOL*  I guess Prudence is too close to Primrose in my old brain.  But honestly, that was the only wee complaint I had and it's entirely my own problem.  


Another series I'm going to have to collect!  :)