The Murder Stone by Louise Penny - My Thoughts

The Murder Stone - Louise Penny

My favourite Inspector Gamache yet!  


#4 in the series, this mystery feels a little more intimate because we don't see a lot of the workings of the Sureté this time around.  Things focus far more on Inspector Gamache's personal life and history.  Jean Guy Beauvoir and Agent Lacoste are back to help Armand solve the murder of one of the guests at the Gamache's vacation spot.  It's not in Three PInes, this time around, but we do get a quick trip to our favourite village and Peter and Clara Morrow play a highly significant and important role in the doings.  


One of the best things about the book was the expanding of Armand and Marie-Reine's marriage and on-going love story and we learn one heckuva lot about Armand's background and childhood.  From the grand scale of the Sureté scandal of the first three books, this more personal look at our hero's life is just wonderful!


The way all the little mysteries and questions of the book get wrapped up with the big mystery in the last 3 chapters was terrific and made the utmost of sense and again I find myself saying "Why didn't I see that?!".  


And because this was a more intimate look into Armand Gamache's life, I found myself tearing up more than a couple of times in those chapters.  


I love these books.  I love how Louise Penny weaves a story and I love, love, LOVE her characters.  


(Published as A Rule Against Murder in the US.)