Star Trek Seekers: Second Nature by David Mack - My Thoughts

Seekers: Second Nature  - David Mack

Welp... I think I'm over reading Star Trek books.  


I've not read one in a very, very long time, but since I was in a Star Trek frame of mind, what with talk of the new series, going to see the movie etc..., when this book came up on sale at Kobo, I thought, what do I have to lose other than a couple of bucks and a few hours.  


Well... I lost a couple of bucks and a few hours.  *LOL*


I found the whole book to be flat and one dimensional and the plot... well... okay.  I wasn't terribly invested.  And the main characters, the crew of the Sagittarius, well, I wanted to put them all on report!  Couldn't find a single likable one in the bunch, sadly.  


So... I think I'm over them.