The Palace Job by Patrick Weekes

The Palace Job - Patrick Weekes


It's billed as a fun-filled romp and it's actually pretty much a fun-filled romp. :)


I don't know that it breaks new ground in the fantasy genre, but The Palace Job is very entertaining.  It's a heist book and I love heist books.  Call it a very early exposure to Ocean's Eleven - the Frank Sinatra original.  :)


I liked the fact that the leader of the band of rogues is a woman and she is oh so very capable, but she has flaws too.  They all have flaws.  Even the shape-changing unicorn.  *LOL*


I bought the 3 books (so far) of the Rogues of the Republic series when they were on sale - a guts call - and I'm glad I did.  The Palace Job was a really fun read and I'm looking forward to getting around to the other two.  (Remember, I don't binge read series.)