Sims by F. Paul Wilson - My Thoughts

Sims - F. Paul Wilson

Sims was recommended to me by my friend Mike when I expressed an interest in Wilson's latest novel, Panacea, and was going to have to wait because I won't pay $14 for an ebook.  


I really enjoyed it!  It was a real page turner, I have to say.  Part of that was helped by the way that Wilson wrote the book, using mostly small chapters which gives the book a brisk pacing perfect for a thriller.  


There were some nice twists and turns in the book, some that I saw coming and some that I didn't.  But I think it's okay to see some because then you don't feel like a moron while you're reading.  *LOL*  I loved the character of Patrick, the lawyer, and I loved the sim Tome.  The bad guys were suitably bad and the good guys were suitably good, as should be. I did find myself wondering a bit at the epilogue about what Patrick was actually doing - everyone else important was accounted for and I had to take off a half a star for that.  


I wonder why they never made a movie out of this book, it would seem to me to be a perfect property.  


So, yup, I really enjoyed my read.  :)