Family Man

Family Man - Heidi Cullinan, Marie Sexton

4.5 stars, guys, 4.5!! Okay, really? Heidi and Marie deliver a gorgeous love story with two real guys. They have faults and they have amazing qualities. They both have families that are super loving and super painful at times. The story of Vince and Trey is wonderful and, dare I say it again, real. Hell, I fell in love with Vince! :) There are incredible moments of sweetness and joy just as there are moments of deep pain and despair. I cried reading this. And there was something very special - dancing. :) I love the dancing. Read it! I loved it!! (And it's got one of the best covers EVER!)


Edit:  Upon moving here to Booklikes, I am able to give this the half star!  Woot!