Morrigan's Cross (The Circle Trilogy, Book 1)

Morrigan's Cross - Nora Roberts Nora Roberts is one of my favorite romance novelists and I'm particularly fond of her trilogies. That being said, this one appears to have everything - vampires, old gods, witches, sorcerers, time travelling, alternate world bridging, shapechangers; you name it, I think it's got it. And maybe it's a little too much? I found that the romance between the two main characters, Hoyt and Glenna, seemed to get lost within all the plot set-up and character introductions. My favorite scenes were actually between Hoyt and his brother Cian. Their strained relationship was much more compelling than the supposed love growing between Hoyt and Glenna. And let's face it, folks, I read Nora for the romance, so I was a little disappointed in this first book of a trilogy that most of my fellow Nora readers absolutely adore. That doesn't mean I won't be adding books 2 and 3 to the collection, however. At the very least I want to see how Hoyt and Cian iron out their differences. *grin*