Angels Fall

Angels Fall - Nora Roberts This was a terrific book! I didn't think I was going to enjoy it in the beginning. I wasn't finding much sympathetic about Reece, the heroine. Her intense phobias, though very understandable given her past, grated on my nerves. I was feeling it was overkill, a total manipulation on the author's part to gain the reader's sympathy. But somewhere around chapter 4, she really began to grow on me. Under all those fears and phobias, she actually had some backbone. Coincidence that it began to show itself when she began to interact with the hero? And I don't mean in that obvious, run-of-the-mill romance novel way. Nope, just good writing on the part of the author, I think.And, Brody, the oh-so-male mystery writer. Hot damn, but he's a sexy piece of work. And proud owner of about every 'guy' cliche going. He should be unlikeable, but he's not. He's amusing and funny and just utterly delectable. Yeah, I fell in love with him too.The dialogue between Reece and Brody is priceless. Clever, flip, sarcastic, witty and so laugh-out-loud when Reece finds herself saying exactly what's on her mind. I grew to love the both of them.The mystery driving this story was a good one. Took me a long, long while to even get a suspicion of who I thought the bad guy might be. And I really enjoyed the resolution, I have to admit. A really, really good read. Definitely in my Nora Roberts Top 5.