Devin and Shane (Mackade Brothers Series)

The MacKade Brothers: Devin and Shane - Nora Roberts Do you know how to lose a day? Pick up a Nora Roberts book to check the prologue and see if you've read it or not. I wasn't going to read the stories of Devin and Shane yesterday. I had read an article by Sarah of Smart Bitches mentioning Devin's story and I couldn't remember it, so I went to the Nora collection to see first, if I had the book and secondly, had I read it. (If not I was going to buy it on sale for the ereader.) Well, I owned the book - the volume with Shane's story - and I'd not read it. Into the To Read pile, but Nora's like crack, as they say - I could not put the damned thing down once I'd read the prologue. I love just a bout all of Nora's romances. I especially love her series books when they're about brothers. And I love ghosts and ties to the past etc... So the MacKade stories really work for me. Devin's story especially. The tale of this big, gentle, patient man and the abused by her first husband, sweet, supposedly fragile, shy young mother is a beautiful love story. Read it. It's very worth the time. :)