Hammer & Air - Amy Lane 4.5 Stars. I was not expecting to read the story I read. :) That Amy Lane, she's a wily one! This was a lovely read! I really, really want that half star because it's a 4.5 Star book for me, almost perfect. It would have been 5, but there was one little thing that bugged me... Hammer & Air is written in the first person and that doesn't usually bother me, but Amy chose to have him write narrative in the vernacular. Now, when this is done sparingly, I love it, but this was a case of "It were morning." instead of "It was morning.", for example. All through the book. And in any book, there are a lot of was and weres!But that being said, the story was absolutely charming and heartwarming and heart-twisty in places. There was a sense of danger through most of it - due to the bear - and I thought Amy did a SUPERB job of maintaining that 'when's he gonna snap?' feeling from the time he appeared until the very end. The love story between Hammer and Eirn was so heart-achey in all the best ways. Amy at her finest, I must say. I loved them both. :)The magic in Hammer & Air is handled with a deft touch, the perfect seasoning for this tale. In the end, I loved the book, loved the characters and I adore Amy Lane for writing these gorgeous stories for us. :)