The Courtland Chronicles - By Chance Strictly Business Complications - Cat Grant Oh, I wanted to give this more than the 3 Liked It stars, but I really couldn't. The problem is, I am having a helluva time figuring out why I should like or even care about either of the main characters - Eric, the poor little rich boy, and Nick, the wholesome guy who suddenly discovers/admits that he likes guys too. I could never warm up to either of them, never really understand what motivated them to have feelings for each other, never mind be the loves of each other's lives. I live in hope, however! And now the author has thrown Ally, longtime friend of both men, into the mix. She really sounds like a terrific gal and I find it hard to figure out why she should be so lacking in the romance department. This volume is really 3 novellas strung together and I have to admit, I was quite surprised that the last page was actually the last page. I thought maybe the epub file had truncated, it was that abrupt. I've done an awful lot of bitching, but I will say that this was an okay read. The writing itself is good and I am curious to see how this threesome is going to resolve itself. It was okay enough that I will pick up novella (I assume) 4 of the series at some point.