Gambling Men: The Novel - Amy Lane This book had a bit of a different flavour than the other Amy Lanes that I have read. Maybe it was the switching POVs? Maybe it was the big city setting? Maybe it was that both men were the same age (that I was reading as early 30s - I don't remember if it was stated. *LOL*)? At any rate, I fell for Jace and especially Quent in a big way! I loved that both were a little fucked up about stuff - Jace more so than Quent and I loved how difficult it was for Jace to put things into words. Like SO many men I have known over the years. :) And I loved how Quent and Jace loved each other. That's the thing with Amy's books - I ALWAYS feel the love between the characters and it always leaves me with a smile and a warm heart.