Mariner's Luck - Kirby Crow First off, I must reiterate that I nearly pitched the e-reader across the room at the way this book ended. Seriously, I think it might have been better all around if the author had put all 3 books of the series together in one volume. This, volume 2, is a short, quick read and the ending comes so abruptly that I was annoyed. I see no reason for the split at all and I'm hesitant to think it was done because of greed. That being said, I enjoyed this installment of Scarlet and Liall's adventures. I enjoyed the dance of attraction on the ship, although I was a bit dismayed at Scarlet's um... virginal innocence? He didn't come across that way in the first book. It was almost too much. I found myself wanting him to discuss more things with Liall, though. More about how he felt about the sex acts after what he'd seen in the bhorus (I think that's how it's spelled.)houses. The other part that I thought should have had more attention paid to it, was Scarlet's part in the defense of the ship when it was attacked by the 'pirates'. At the very least, his reaction to using his talent should have been noted by someone. All in all, this is an enjoyable series, but had the author taken more time with everything - character building, world building, plotting etc... it could truly be a great series. There is no doubt that I'll get/read the third book - it's just starting to get good, after all!!