Clear Water - Amy Lane Another winner from Amy Lane! I loved, loved, LOVED it!!The characters were terrific! I fell in love with Whiskey (and isn't that a TERRIFIC name) myself and OMG, I just wanted to hug Patrick all the time! *LOL* Even Fly Bait and Shawn were amazing. Yes, Shawn. He redeemed himself in my eyes. To be quite honest, I fully suspected how he'd feel about his son from the very beginning and I think that had a lot to do with Patrick being such a sympathetic character. And I believed how Whiskey could fall in love with Patrick and vice versa and I think they may be one of my favorite couples of all time. And the sex, the loving and wonderful sex! Nothing hotter than that, if you ask me! And the FROGS!!! LORD, I LOVED THE FROGS!!! I really enjoyed the look into the way someone with Patrick's challenges actually sees and experiences things. He was very real to me and maybe that's because I see wee bits of family members in his make-up. Both he and Whiskey really have beautiful souls. :) And I must say here that this is a constant in all of Amy's tales that I have had the pleasure of reading to date. Her characters have flaws and are definitely not perfect, but they have the most beautiful souls. This is absolutely a book I would recommend to anyone! Especially someone who wants to dip their toes into m/m romance maybe. :) "Clear Water" is definite re-read material. :)(Wouldn't it be nice if there was a Further Adventures of Whiskey and Patrick?)