Home Ground (Darshian Tales, #4) - Ann Somerville Home Ground Ann SomervilleI totally enjoyed this 4th volume of Darshian Tales. I love how Ann's characters take their time falling in love and how each love is different - so often in series works, we see the same relationship played out over and over again with only the names changing. Not with Ann's works. Home Ground was a little ... I guess more quiet than the other books, but that, I believe, is because Wepizi is a calmer, more even-tempered character than any of the others that Ann has written about. Now, Prince Juimei is anything but even-tempered, but by the end of the book, he's well on his way to a peaceful life, albeit a very interesting one! And the other story, Bearing Fruit, well, I loved it. I cried. And it was so wonderful to see so much of my favorite Kei and his mate Arman and see them so happy. I must add that Ann's world-building skills are impressive! The world of Periter and it's lands, Darshian, Andon, Kuprij are distinct and well-defined, their cultures full and well-rounded. A wonderful read!!