Truth in the Dark - Amy Lane Amy does it again! Writes a tale that is at once wonderful and fantastic and touching and sad and happy and sexy and REAL! I thought I knew exactly how this was going to play out by the time I was barely a couple of pages in, but that wasn't a problem at all because I adore the way Amy writes and how she creates real, lovely, flawed, endearing characters - and my God, the angry, cranky, grumpy Knife is a wonderful character, even when he's learning not to be so angry and cranky (I think he'll always be somewhat grumpy.). So on I read, enjoying the tale immensely, and then came the wee twist, the most very important thing that I never suspected in the least. (I'll not give it away.) And I burst into tears. Hell, I'm tearing up now, just remembering that scene/reveal. Oh, it was so heart-breakingly beautiful! GUH! So freakin' amazing, this author!I would be remiss if I didn't also comment on the terrific love scenes. Yeah, they were a bit more than sex scenes. :) They were sexy and hot, affectionate, loving, desperate when they needed to be desperate - they were perfect! Yeah, so I kinda loved it - A LOT!!