Dark Soul Vol. 5 - Aleksandr Voinov So my power went off this morning due to a tree breaking in half and dropping over the hydro wires just down the street. I had a fully charged e-reader and time to spare, so, I decided to finish up the Dark Soul series. OH MY! I don't give out 5 stars easily, but this volume definitely merits them for many reasons. There were touching moments that grabbed my heart, not the least being the puppy. There was tension and not only sexual. There were moments of introspection on both Stefano's and Silvio's parts that I found myself nodding along to. I loved Dangerous!Silvio in Dark Frost. And Donata. Oh, my LORD that woman is sexy and hot and tender and well, let's just say that she fulfilled the promise from the first volume of the series. That moment in the kitchen... STELLAR. As well as what followed. This is a terrific series. Not easy to read. It's tough, gritty, bloody and violent; but it's also sweet, warm and tender on occasion, the right occasions. :) And I know that the quote is... "The saga comes to an end...", but I can't help but want more of Stefano, Silvio and Donata.