Blessed Isle - Alex Beecroft What a beautifully written novella! I was not expecting the story that I got. :) Told by the two main characters, alternating POVs, it's the tale of two officers of the British Navy in the time of Mutiny on the Bounty. Do not look for hot, detailed sex scenes or pages of bantering back and forth dialogue, for this novella doesn't have them (although there is one scene on the deck of a ship, while brief and hardly explicit is SO hot and needy...). What it does have is the story of how two men, Harry and Garnet, came to their HEA despite the time, despite their differing backgrounds, and despite the dangers faced by those that went down to the sea in that era. And written with such beautiful language. Rich and full; words and phrases that you want to savour, to roll on your mind's tongue like a fine wine. Give yourself rich treat and read Blessed Isle. I loved it.