Portrait of a Crossroads

Portrait of a Crossroads - What a lovely read! The language of this novella? Short story? Quick fic? - whatever it's labelled as, the language was BEAUTIFUL! It reminded me of one of those stories we used to study in high school that I never got because I didn't have enough life behind me to appreciate the beauty of it. Yes, the protagonist is a young woman, Annette, a year out of high school, and while I think that many young women can identify with her feelings of uncertainty, apathy, quiet desperation, I don't know that they can be truly understood until later on in life. Be that as it may, I know that I would not have been able to fully appreciate this actual portrait of a crossroads (And may I say that this is an EXCELLENT choice for a title for so many reasons.) as a young woman. I really enjoyed it!Reread it and upped it from 4 stars to 5. :)