Capture & Surrender by L.A. Witt and Aleksandr Voinov

Capture & Surrender - L.A. Witt, Aleksandr Voinov

Capture & Surrender is the 5th book in the Market Garden Universe and turns the spotlight on the owner of the Market Garden, Frank.  One of the best things about Frank?  He's in his 40s.  :)  I love stories that feature a mature man in a lead role.  We need more of these!  And his love interest?  Stefan, the young, handsome, American new rentboy at the club.  I liked the feel of these two right off.  Stefan was pushy, pushy and so very attractive and Frank was stoic, outwardly calm and so very, very interested.   They worked for me.  Who else worked for me?  Frank's two friends, Geoff and Mike.  I love how they take care of Frank, their love and affection just comes pouring off the page.


The love story itself is good.  Sweet and bittersweet and very hot and steamy.  It hits all the marks for a good tale and then some.  I even found myself getting a wee bit choked up a couple of times.  :)  Small drawbacks were that I did find were that Frank, in the latter, oh, quarter of the book, began to get a little repetitive in his introspection, and that there was more action in the first half of the story than the second. It was almost as if the theme (is that the word I want?) of the book changed lanes from hot and steamy love story to something a little more seriously real.  I assume this had to do with the reality of Stefan's past and Frank's past and present and how they were going to deal with it.  


I very much enjoy the Market Garden universe and this slice of it was no exception.