Ev's 30 Day Book Challenge - Day 24

Tigana - Guy Gavriel Kay


Day 24 - A book that you wished more people had read.


I love this book SO much.  I know a lot of people have read it, but I think that EVERYONE who loves historical type fantasy needs to read it.  The location is fictional, the magic is light and sprinkled with a judicious hand throughout the book, and there is no Quest with a group of 7 or 9 to be found anywhere.  And the story is complete in one juicy volume.  No sequel, no trilogy, no series of 8 books.  :)


The characters!  OMG, the characters are so perfect.  Flawed, real, bigger than life and yet everyman.  The language that Guy Kay uses to tell his story is magic in and of itself.  I honestly don't believe that you can rightfully call yourself a fantasy aficionado if you've not read this book.  


If you love to read, do yourself a great favour read this book.  :)  Please!