Wild Card by Moira Rogers ( A Review)

Wild Card (Down & Dirty #1) - Moira Rogers

Well that was quick.  :)  


Wolf shifters in a post-plague world.  Sexy, sexy MCs, both Ginny and Jack.  Their connection is electric, their bedroom romps sexy, heated and fun, their every-day conversations laden with tension.  The pairing worked really, really well.  


Oh yeah, there was a bit of a plot.  :)  Something about rogue members of the pack, of which Jack is the alpha, out for Ginny's ... something.  Land?  Cattle?  Herself?   And then another bit where the young female of the bunch, Hazel, is coming into her first wolf shifter heat.  It seems like there aren't as many female werewolves as there are male.  And I post myself the question... in Romancelandia, are wolf shifters the same as werewolves?  


Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed this novella.  It wasn't great, but damn, it was hot, sexy and fun.  I would have liked to know the reasons behind Ginny staying away from Jack for so long and I would have liked to know more about this post-apocalyptic world and how the pack functioned etc... which is why it lost a start in my rating.  :/


But I'll tell ya.. I do love Moira Roger's sexytimes scenes.  :)