Haunted Sanctuary by Moira Rogers (A Review)

Haunted Sanctuary - Moira Rogers

I'm not a huge fan of shifter books.  I don't read very many, but I will read Moira Rogers' because I enjoy the way she writes, period.  In Haunted Sanctuary, we have the tale of the creation of a sanctuary for wolf-shifters, werewolves, the first book in the Green Pines series.  Now, as I understand things this takes place in the same universe as two other series, Red Rock Pass (the original) and Building Sanctuary (the prequel), but I have read neither - yet.  


I enjoyed Haunted Sanctuary, the love story between Eden and Jay, the coming together of the pack, the transformation of Eden from woman to werewolf.  All that.  :)  I also was THRILLED that Eden was over 30 years of age and had life and romantic experience.  That was refreshing.  And I really liked Jay.  He seemed to me to be a quiet alpha, not overpowering everyone with his presence - well, maybe Eden, but that's a whole 'nother thing, right?  :)  


I liked that the refugees from the were-anarchy in the city remained frightened and concerned and not totally willing to trust all through the book.  What they had been through is not something that could be overcome in just a week or two.  There was a bit of thawing, a bit of relaxing, but it's obvious that there is still a lot of work for Jay, Eden and the others to do to help these people.  


Interestingly, I found that even though the title is Haunted Sanctuary and we get few hints of actual ghosts during the story.   Most of the ghosts are really what lurk in the minds of the abused folk from the city and the ghosts that Eden has to overcome from her past.  


I found I wanted more for Zack, who we meet as Eden's cousin.  I assume that this will come up in later books in the series... and this is why I hate series, it leaves what to me are important plotlines, hanging.  Yes, this was Eden and Jay's story, and I appreciate that we're probably going to get a Zack book at some point, but he and his struggles just seemed to me to be so integral to this tale that I wanted more closure than what I got.  (That's also a big reason why I only gave it 3 1/2 stars instead of 4.)


I realise that I've gotten this far in my review and I've not really addressed the sex scenes which, you know, are a huge part of a romance book.  *LOL*  Well, they are one of the reasons I enjoy Moira Rogers' writing so much.  Excellent, hot, steamy, fun, intense sex scenes.  (When Jay puts her on the table/counter (?) in the kitchen... OMG, HOT!!)


So all in all, a very good beginning to  what promises to be an interesting series.  I have put the second book on my 'to acquire' list.