Christmas Kitsch by Amy Lane (A Review)

Christmas Kitsch - Amy Lane

This is a wonderful story.  I mean, seriously, Lifetime or someone should make a movie of it and play it every year.  It'd be so much better than a lot of the stuff they're showing!


Rusty and Oliver are friends.  They meet in high school.  Rusty is a football player and Oliver... is not.  Rusty's family leaves much to be desired.  Oliver's family, while challenged, is a warm, loving place.  Oliver is gay... Rusty is... well, at the start of the book, he's undeclared.  *g*  This is the story of how Oliver and Rusty became a most adorable couple.


Nobody writes confused young people the way Amy does.  She understands the angst that consumes so many of them and how <i>everything</i> is so important, so live or die important.  And she creates characters that you take to your heart and, well, in my case, just want to mother the hell out of.  *LOL*  And she creates secondary characters that I always fall in love with.  Oliver's father, his cousins, Rusty's sister, his college roommate... I loved them all.  Rusty's roommate, Rex, made me laugh out loud so many times.  What a piece of work!  I've heard murmurs that he will be getting his own book (as is de rigeur in M/M circles)


So, if you're looking for a heart-warming, easy-to-read, emotion-packed, fun Christmas read, you can't go wrong with this one!