Lucky Break by Esther Freud - A Review

Lucky Break - Esther Freud

I wish I had read this book when I was in my 20s; back in the days where I dreamed of what might have been had I been an actress in the theatre, one of my youthfull dreams.  :)  It was recommended to me by a very good friend as one of her most favourite books.


Lucky Break tells the tale of 3 actors and their journey from drama school at the fictional Drama Arts academy in London, through the next 10 years of their lives.  Nell, Charlie and Dan start out as the plain girl, the cover girl and the handsome lad and over time we watch as they encounter hurdle after hurdle in their chosen career of acting, be it on the stage, on TV or in movies.  All the typical situations abound, disillusionment and renewed hope are the rollercoaster ride all three characters embark upon.  There really is nothing new in the stories of the three characters, but Esther Freud's writing is indeed lovely.  As she delves inside Nell to find the eternal flame of her hope, tears back the curtain on Dan's constant inner battle of family vs career or uncovers a sympathetic side to the selfish Charlie, her prose is just the right side of what I would terms as either too affected or too precious.  It's savoury prose... there we go!  Savoury.  


Did I fall in love with the characters?  No, but I loved reading their stories and what their successes ultimately were.  Lucky Break is not what I would term 'a rippingly good yarn', but it was a fine book.  :)