Pickup Men by L.C. Chase

Pickup Men - L.C. Chase

So... Marty loves Tripp, but Tripp's not out and doesn't show any signs of wanting to be out, so Marty gets fed up and draws a line in the sand. 


This book felt scattered and disjointed for me.  I felt as if I was jumping around all over the place with no actual trail to follow.  From reading the blurb, I knew that Marty and Tripp were destined to end up together, but I swear, the first third of the book was geared towards ANYTHING but that.  I so totally disliked Tripp, even after finding out about his tragic past and could not for the life of me figure out what Marty saw in him.  By the end of the book I still couldn't figure it out, but hey, if Marty loved him, who am I to say no.  


Then there was the annoying sort-of subplot with two of Marty's trio of best buddies.  I sense book 2 on the horizon, but seriously, it was so clumsily done that it was distracting to the story that was trying to be told.  My eyes rolled a lot every time the blatant hints were tossed out.


All the usual tropes were there, including the big turning point.  There were too many of them for my liking.  I don't mind a trope if it was well done, but to see them all piled up in a single book of 135+ (on my ereader) pages was just too overwhelming.   And I found that there was a lot of telling, not showing, sadly.  


I just didn't warm up to this one and that's too bad.  :(