PSA - Jude Deveraux's Chandler Twins Duology

Twin of Ice - Jude Deveraux Twin of Fire - Jude Deveraux

So, I was updating and tweaking my book database in Book Collector and I came to my collection of Jude Deveraux books.  I know she's a favourite of a lot of folks, so if anyone who follows me is as obsessive about details as I am, here's the deal.


Twin of Ice (Houston and Kane's story) is the first of the two books and Twin of Fire (Blair and Lee's story) the second; despite what Goodreads, Wikipedia, even La Deveraux's own website indicates.  I went and pulled my copies of the books out of the bookcase, books bought when they first came out.  Ice was published in June 1985 by Pocket Books and Fire was published in August of 1985.  It is clearly stated on the cover of each book that Ice is first and Fire the sequel.


(And man, oh man, I cannot wait until we can edit covers and editions etc... already on our shelves here, in Booklikes, without removing the bad and adding the good back in.  I love, love, LOVE this site and this is seriously the only big problem I have with it.)  




Twin of Ice - Chandler Twins #1

Twin of Fire - Chandler Twins #2