Left on St. Truth-be-Well by Amy Lane

Left on St. Truth-be-Well - Amy Lane

What can I say.  I love Amy Lane!  And this is a terrific story, full of humour, great characterisation, fun, mystery and sexy love.  


It's not angst-free - hell, it's Amy, guys!  But Carson's inner monologue is amusing even while being somewhat self-deprecating.  


Chicago and Florida meet when Carson and Dale meet - and Dale is such a perfect southern states type of name - when Carson heads south in search of his boss' nephew, Stassy.  Mystery and hijinks ensue - including some hot sex scenes, let me tell you.  


I loved Dale, I have to say.  I think he may be one of my fave Amy Lane characters and all the while I was reading, I was picturing Luke Mitchell from The Tomorrow People.  




Anyway, I loved the book - Amy produced another winner and I love her for it!  A great, fun read that left a smile on my face.  :)