Bound by Honor by S.E. Jakes

Bound by Honor  - S.E. Jakes

This is the first of the Men of Honor series from an author I have come to really enjoy, and I think it's also one of her first published books.  It shows.  I can see flashes of what I've come to really love about SE's stories, but in my opinion, this book could have done with an in-depth edit for content.  The characters are good - albeit all big, muscled, over 6 feet behemoths - but their personalities worked perfectly well for me.  The plot worked too.  It was the execution that needed help.  First off... I thought I was reading the tale of Tanner and Damon, but all of a sudden, LC pops up and becomes far more than a supporting character.  It was confusing because the story was really about the relationship between Tanner and Damon and I think should have stayed focused on that, while the whole plot having to do with Damon's (and LC's) backstory should have supported the progression of the relationship instead of seeming like a second story happening. 


And I don't know that seeing LC's POV so often works in a book like this.  This isn't Game of Thrones, after all.  And quite often, it wasn't clear who was doing the talking... walking... fucking.... I had to reread paragraphs to make sure who was who on more than one occasion.  And with all this hopping around, I don't know that any of the three stories was done justice.  Tanner learning about his submissive side, Damon coming to terms with his past, LC and the mystery of the attacks and the detective and HIS past.  There was just too much going on in a novel of this size.  Things often felt rushed.  


The story of Damon and Tanner and their D/s relationship was fascinating but I felt I needed more understanding of the basic needs that drove them to this type of relationship - since the D/s is a big part of the whole book.  The payoff of Damon allowing Tanner, needing Tanner to top him didn't seem so climatic because I felt I was missing some vital piece of information.   And then... well, it felt to me like a case of the magic dick.  Tanner fucks Damon with his well-hung (and why are they always well hung?  Can't a hero have an average dick?) dick and all the hurts and traumas of Damon's past fizzle into nothing?  They disappear?  Doesn't work for me.


I don't know that I've been able to articulate my concerns about the book properly, but I've tried.  *LOL*  This is why I don't review for a living.  ;) 


But all that being said.... I enjoyed the read - didn't love it - and it was certainly interesting to see how much SE has improved her craft over the past couple of years.   Will I read the other books in this series?  Probably, at some point, but I won't go and load them into the Kobo right away.  :)