A Murmured Musing

Y'know what?  Even though I think the pairing could be fun and Kelly Abbott has become my favourite character in the Cut & Run Universe, I still don't see the obvious chemistry between him and Nick in Touch & Geaux.   Yes, Abi writes Kelly and Nick very well, very hot, very fun and it's obvious that she's ready to move on to them as her main squeezes, I just don't see that supposedly obvious moment when it was so apparent.  (I honestly think it was fan pandering, but...)


And I still loved Ball & Chain except for that one scene.  And I still love Ty and Zane.  And my dearest wish is a sequel to According to Hoyle.   


And that reminds me... y'know what else?  I often wish authors wouldn't listen to their fans and create stories about characters that were better left as supporting characters.  Not every best friend, mouthy next-door neighbour or high school enemy needs their own book.  Seriously.