Beyond Jealousy by Kit Rocha

Beyond Jealousy - Kit Rocha

At last!  A book with my favourite O'Kane, Ace, as the main character!  Okay, so one of the THREE main characters, but I have to admit to a huge bias where the tattoo artist is concerned.  He's my Number One.  


Beyond Jealousy is as hot, sexy, steamy, messy and wonderfully flithy as expected (and I'd have been disappointed otherwise).  And while that is all good fun, I found the dynamics of Ace, Cruz and Rachel's relationship the most interesting.  The barriers each had erected inside themselves to stop them from fully being able to commit to this great love they had found.  It's a difficult line to walk for an author, I think, writing a threesome where the dynamics and the emotional power ebb and flow and at no point does the reader sense that someone is on the short end of the stick is extremely difficult, and the writing duo that makes up Kit Rocha (Bree Bridges and Donna Herren) make it work for most of the book.  


The non-romantic plot of the bootlegging of the bootlegger was interesting and I will admit I wanted more of it.  I could have done without some of the length in one or two of the sex scenes for more fleshing out of this part of the novel.  Yes, yes, I know it's erotica, but sometimes, when there is a lot, you become numb to it and search for the other stuff, no matter how great the sex scenes are.  


I did find that the last 'chapter' of the book, labelled Trix, was out of place.  I didn't think it was needed at all.  I thought it was a bit of a cheap ploy to get me to have to have the next book and honestly, it's not needed.  The Beyond series is so good, as is Beyond Jealousy, that the next book will be even more eagerly awaited than this one, I think.  I would have preferred that Beyond Jealousy end with our MC Trio, seeing as the book was mainly about their relationship.  


One regret I have is that we never got to see Rachel's fantasy play out, of being able to watch Ace and Cruz fucking.  And I would really love to see more m/m play out in this series, seeing as Sector Four is all about all sex being good and amazing and pleasure rules, no holds barred.   


And in closing, yes I cried.  After the big street battle (not to give anything too much away) I cried like a baby.  And I am indeed apprehensive about what's to come as a result of what was done.  I also have a feeling that we might be seeing that doctor lady again before all is finished in this dystopian world.