Books I Added This Week

Gods Behaving Badly - Marie Phillips The King's Blood - Daniel Abraham American Craftsmen - Tom  Doyle Write Your Novel From the Middle - Bell. James Scott The Next - Rafe Haze

So I thought it would be fun to explain why I added the books I added to my shelves in the past week.  


Write Your Novel From the Middle by James Scott Bell - This was recommended to me by a writer friend (Zoe X. Rider) and as this is something I want to try - usually I'm a linear from beginning to end writer - I thought it was a good addition to my How To shelf.  


The King's Blood by Daniel Abraham - This is book 2 in a series, the first of which was given to me by the same writer friend (Zoe X. Rider) last year.  I enjoyed the first one; the characters were very intriguing and the world-building different enough from the norm for epic fantasy to tickle my fancy, so when my friend gifted me with a book gift certificate, this was one of the books I bought.  (American Craftsmen was the other)


American Craftsmen by Tom Doyle - The blurb on this one grabbed me.  It's a recent release and I'm not sure where I heard of it first, maybe one of the sci-fi/fantasy blogs I follow, but it was generating a bit of good buzz.  


Gods Behaving Badly by Marie Phillips - This was the daily deal from Kobo one day earlier this week and the blurb sounded fun and interesting, so for $2.99, I think, it was worth a try.  


The Next by Rafe Haze - My same friend, Zoe recced this book and there was a coupon from Kobo (SAV50).  I had to buy it, right?