So one of the bloggers I follow, The Book Nut, is doing a Bookshelf Tour on her blog and I thought it was a fun idea, so of COURSE, I had to purloin it.  :)  


Climb aboard for the tour!  :)  Lots of pics ahead!


First off, in the living room, we have a selection of my hardcovers.  Guy Gavriel Kay, Frank Yerby, Tad Williams among others.  And those little red ones?  Those are my grandfather's Hopalong Cassidy books that I inherited.  :)






Behind my desk is a little bookcase that holds music, erotica, how-to writing books, reference and my Rockfic collection.  And yes, that is a figurine of a reading lady who is missing her head.  I live in hopes of finding it one day in one of the boxes of stuff I have all over the place since the renovation... 6+ years ago.  *LOL* 






Over by the stairs we find my small bookcase that is full of Nora Roberts and only Nora Roberts.  I have a big collection, hardcovers, paperbacks, trade paperbacks and I'm determined to get them all at some point.  I'm at 90+ and counting.  *LOL*   And this bookshelf is stacked two deep as you can see.






In the hallway outside my bedroom door is the bookcase that holds my graphic novels and some reference books, including my grandmother's family bible as well as coffee table sized books.  In the blue box are my Metallica and Green Day CDs.  :)  Oh, and that copy of Tad Williams' Shadowmarch?  It actually belongs in the space you can see back in the first pic, on the bottom shelf between The Hedge of Mist and Tigana.





Up in the bed/sitting room we find the bulk of my books.  This is a small bookcase that holds favourites.  Katherine Kurtz, Anne McCaffrey, Jacqueline Carey, Robin Hobb, Patricia Kennealy and more.  These shelves, as you can see, are two deep.  I need the room!!  :)  And that middle shelf isn't quite as bowed as it looks.  :)  Also, I missed it, but on top of this bookcase is a pile of a dozen books that form part of the hard copy TBR pile.  





This bookcase holds some miscellaneous old books on the bottom shelves but on the other two are books that I have yet to shelve in their proper spots.  As well as part of the TBR pile.  





The bulk of my books are in these Billy shelves from IKEA.  On the left hand side is the bookcase filled with fantasy and science fiction and the right hand side is the one that's mostly historical romances, fiction, childrens series, mysteries, etc...  Again, these books are two deep.  A real pain when I have to look for a specific book!  *LOL*




This bookcase is kitty-cornerd to the other two and is filled mostly with classics, hardcovers I inherited from my grandfather, my parents and my aunt and just miscellaneous books that I've picked up over the years.  




And this is a snap of the tops of my 3 Billy bookcases where I store magazines and yes... even more hardcovers!  *LOL*  Most of the books are my hardcover Anne Rice books - the good ones, before she eschewed an editor.  ;)




I have one more bookcase, it's an antique, but it's behind a bunch of boxes that I have yet to empty in my sitting room and it's full, mostly, of hardcovers that I got through the Book of the Month club and the Science Fiction Book Club.   So sadly, no pic of that.  :)  I also have an archive box filled with my Star Trek novels and another archive box filled with paperbacks that I don't have room for on my shelves.


I also have a Kobo filled with eBooks.  :) 


And that's my tour!